Oh hey there!

We are Aslan + Andria- husband and wife, mama and dada to two really cute littles, and serious mexican food lovers. We love Jesus and are thankful for God's continuous grace in both of our lives. We live in a house built in the fifties and are suckers for art and minimalism. We do our best to live by the rule "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful." We love handmade goods. Fresh Flowers. Vintage decor. We are nerdier than Andria would care to admit and we spend most nights around the table with friends, food, and board games.

You know how people often say, "I married my best friend!" We did that.

We became close friends in early high school. We grew up side by side. And although we drove each other crazy at times, we were the friends that everyone jokes about one day being married. Despite never being interested in each other "in that way", fast forward seven years... 

We dated, got married, and moved to Omaha, Nebraska where we froze our butts off.  After four years of youth ministry, heaps of snow, and two babies, we are back home in Phoenix, Arizona near our families and soaking in the sunshine and mountains.

Our love for photography began at two different times, in two different places, for two different reasons. But the thing that we have in common is that we love people and we love documenting stories through artistic imagery. We live for the real stuff and we love that we get to do it together.